BE You!

I dream of a world, where each of us is celebrated for exactly who we are. That celebration begins with self-acceptance and love! Being you is the best gift you can give yourself and others.


I dream of a world where everyone believes in who they are, and courageously creates their own journey. Believing in you is the foundation to creating your own path.

LIVE the best You!

I dream of a world where everyone lives their best life; a life of purpose. Your purpose is an inner compass to create your own unique journey in life, and live the best You!

"You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself”


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Some books to get you started

This collection of ebooks comprises topics closest to my heart. Each e-book comes with inspirational stories, and is written in a workbook format with space for you to pause, and reflect. I invite you to embark on a journey of discovery & exploration.

With much fanfare an ugly duckling breaks out of her shell only to realize she doesn't quite fit in. Rejected by her family, she is disheartened by her reflection. She starts to believe that she truly is ugly, and doesn't deserve love. What does she do next? How does she embrace herself and the world? This powerful retelling of a classic tells the powerful story of her journey of transformation. Delightfully illustrated, this book will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
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The book is designed to be done 1 day at a time. Each day starts with journaling, followed by a simple exercise to be done through the day, and ends with journaling & reflection. As you go through these 7 days, my request is that you spend 15 minutes each day doing these exercises and activities. You may feel as though you may not have the time, but remember self-esteem begins with an investment in YOU!!
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